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Posted - 19/11/2010

Customen Project Manager

  • Company
  • Contact
    Telecom Wireless Network
  • Job Type
    Full time
  • Job Category
  • Salary
  • Country/Region
    United States, Mid-South
  • State
  • Metro Area
    Kansas City Metro
  • Metro City
    Kansas City
  • Education
  • Work Experience
    2-3 years
  • Short description
    Customen Project Manager
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Job details:

The CPM is responsible for all project activities during the project phases his/her assignment applies to.
The responsibility mainly consists of planning, setting up, and executing the project activities, ensuring that the project goals are met and that the customer.s business requirements are fulfilled.

The CPM has the overall responsibility to achieve the project goals with respect to functions, time and budget, and for the progress of the project.
He/she administrates plans, risk handling, resource issues and reports to the project sponsor.

The CPM should also manage the customer relation and the customers expectations and thus handle changes together with the requirements for the projects as described in the project specification. Handling expectations is extremely important to get a satisfied customer.

The CPM can have project staff members as support and delegate project tasks, but the CPM retains accountability.


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